A brief description of our innovative vacuum cleaner...

Welcome to Scabel, a company that produces a new generation of filterless vacuum cleaners which are bagless, energy-efficient, cordless, easy handling, mini-size and light weight, upright compact vacuum cleaner and most of all a discount vacuum based on a new revolutionary filter technology. It operates on batteries, or air stream from traditional vacuum cleaners, and has a suction nozzle incorporated in the dust canister, which interacts with the floor. The motor, batteries, non-clogging filter are all stored in the dust canister and nozzle section, requiring nothing more than a stick to maneuver it seamlessly around (no expensive hepa filters required).

Also, the model we call "good sleep" is designed to be used to clean the bedroom just before going to sleep. This floor vacuum cleaner model manages to remove particles of dust, pollen etc., which are accumulated during the day and which can cause allergies, asthma etc. The ordinary vacuum cleaner cannot do this successfully, because very small percent of dust and pollen particles become dispersed around the room by its strong motor-fans (unlike our small fans which do not do this). Also, the handling of such big vacuum cleaners is no longer made practical and convenient.

How to improve filtration system and therefore efficiency?

There are technical problems with ordinary vaccum cleaners which the new type of vacuum cleaner solves, i.e. improves the filtration and therefore efficency. Due to new patented features, the design of the new generation of vacuum cleaners can meet consumers' requirements for easy handling (filter-less, bag-less, cord-less), low-cost and energy-efficient vacuum cleaners, which consume about five times less electrical energy in comparison with ordinary vacuum cleaners. Many consumers, who were dissatisfied with handling of ordinary vacuum cleaners, have now a new perfect choice of vacuum cleaners, which can be used itself and in combination with ordinary vacuum cleaners.

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