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Conventional upright vacuum cleaners currently present on the market (mostly in the US) are composed of: a suction intake (suction nozzle), a housing (casing), one or two motors operating on 220V/110V located in the housing above the suction intake (nozzle), a handle stick and a dust bag/container attached along to the handling stick. However, all of these vacuums are not equipped with a non-clogging filter and a dust container combined with a suction nozzle, such as we are offering, to improve efficiency.

Filters that are currently present inside conventional vacuum cleaners are made of different kind of materials and of different shapes (including bags). They are suitable for the filtration or separation of particles for the purpose of stopping the passage of dust and other particles. At the same time they allow the air to pass through. Such filters have a stationary or a fixed position.

Any kind of filter present in an ordinary vacuum cleaner on the market becomes clogged-up very quickly by dust particles. To overcome resistance, which filters produce, vacuum cleaners thus need powerful motors to drive centrifugal fans and such air. For example, to achieve a suction effect of 400 W, the vacuum cleaner (operating on 220V or 110V) with an efficient filter system (consisting of Hepa filters with paper dust bags) needs a motor with an effect of 2000 W and therefore produces a loss of energy or efficancy of about 1600 W or 80 %. This means that its suction efficiency is only about 20 % of the motor power (the output power divided with the input power).

The Cyclone action or technology is of some help. It prevents fast clogging and therefore extends the durability of batteries, however, it is used with the ordinary filter system technology and therefore clogging in these vacuum cleaners is not avoided. Recently promoted vacuum cleaners without dust bags have ordinary filters; therefore clogging is persistent and inevitable.

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