Presentation of our product

The product is an upright compact vacuum cleaner type (for top cleaning) which has an open top dust container, a top cover of the dust container and a handling tube. A suction intake (suction nozzle) is incorporated in the bottom of the dust container. One or two centrifugal motor-fans, each with one motor are located above the suction intake (nozzle). Motors can be driven by the current from batteries or from the electrical net through adapters. Also, in some models motors can be driven by a current from an electrical net of 220V or 110V via cables.

The centrifugal motor-fan comprises an impeller and a non-clogging filter in the form of a cylindrical grating. The non-clogging filter is located on the central opening of the impeller of the centrifugal fan. The filter is partly located inside the space in the duct container. The centrifugal impeller creates (like in an air pump) a low pressure in the dust container and the suction intake (nozzle) and therefore creates movement of air with dust from the floor through the suction intake (nozzle) into the dust container, due to higher atmospheric pressure.

The centrifugal impeller sucks in the air through its opening and therefore through the non-clogging filter. The non-clogging filter rejects dust particles outwards toward the space inside the dust container. It is done due to centrifugal force produced by high speed rotation of the impeller and the non-clogging filter.

Models and modes of operation

There are three product models:

  1. The first model has an impeller which is driven by a motor supplied with electric power. This model can be used for every day top cleaning of floor. We call it the "good sleep" model because it prepares your bedroom for a dust-free night, as it manages to remove most of the particles effortlessly. This is unlike conventional vacuums which remit small percent of dust particles back into the room atmosphere.
  2. The second model has an impeller that is driven by the air stream from the ordinary vacuum cleaner, which comes through the handling tube of the product. This model can be used when heavy or deep cleaning of rugs or carpets is requested. In this case the ordinary vacuum cleaner becomes almost bag-less because dust particles are collected in the dust container of the new model. The dust bag in the ordinary vacuum cleaner is used only to collect small quantitities of particles which are not stopped by the non-clogging filter and therefore the changing of the bag can be done once per year.
  3. The third model has an impeller that is driven by the motor or air stream from the ordinary vacuum cleaner. This is a combination of the first and second models. This model can be used for every day top cleaning of floor or heavy/deep cleaning of rugs/carpets.

Description of the product:

Description of the model which impeller is driven by the motor supplied with electric power. Dimensions: 18 cm x 13 cm x 5.5 cm

...with two motors ...with one motor
Size 250x120x65 mm 250x120x65 mm
DC motor 6 V, 11900 r/min 6 V, 11900 r/min
Batteries 8 AA 4 AA
No. of motors 2 1
Weight ca 300g (excl. batteries) ca 300g (excl. batt.)
Total motor power 12W 6W
Total suction effect 12W 6W
Handling tube Optional Optional

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Note: Availability of the product will be announced here.