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Vacuum cleaner with a non-clogging filter The non-clogging filter does not allow most of the dust particles (about 98%) to go into the centrifugal fan while the air stream passes through the filter without almost any resistance.

The non-clogging filter is designed to prevent clogging by dust particles and resistance to air, and therefore the motor-fan consumes 4-5 times less energy. It means that the energy consumption will be almost the same as the power consumption of the electrical motor and therefore the motor will not need to spend 4-5 times more power to overcome resistance, which the ordinary filter makes.

As output of energy is very close to input of energy the efficiency of vacuum cleaners with non-clogging filters is very high. This is very important for the vacuum cleaner which operates on rechargeable batteries. In this case batteries will last 4-5 times longer before charging. Vacuum cleaners of new generation (with the non-clogging filter, mini DC motors-fan and the suction nozzle incorporated in the dust container) can do the following:

Based on the features of the invention, as a next step Scabel works on a development of vacuum cleaners (which operate on rechargeable batteries) which will achieve an optimal suction efficiency in order to replace vacuum cleaners operating on 220V/110V through cords or cables.

As the following step Scabel will work on a development of vacuum cleaners which will use UV germicidal lamp in the dust container to destroy bacteria and viruses on the floor and in the dust container.

The non-clogging filter can be used in vacuum cleaners for households as well as for vacuum cleaners used in industry.

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Note: Availability of the product will be announced here.